"queen mop" 2014   hand knotted fringes of mop diam: 3 m

"queen mop" 2014

hand knotted fringes of mop
diam: 3 m

We have the pleasure to present the works of young and talented artist Kenny Dunkan.
We can definitely say that his works have an amazing and controversial style. Dunkan mixes the harmonious alliance of the common things and extremely distinctive spirit at the same time.

His original style was formed in early childhood in his native Guadeloupe. Perhaps, the unique and extravagant atmosphere of the Mardi Gras parade became an important(or even basic) element in his perception of art. Disturbing combinations taken from those memories colored Dunkan's consciousness with the energy of magic, mysticism and the surreal.

After graduating at Les Arts Deco, Kenny Dunkan started his real practice inspired by fashion and culture. Dunkan expresses his ideas using transformation and a significant modification using the «collage method». Being acquainted with Dunkan’s works, you may involuntarily ask yourself about some familiar things «how much is real?». A nontrivial sight on reality, an absolute freedom, is reflected in Dunkan’s installations. Hybridization surprisingly intertwined with brevity and modern minimalism.

text: Katarina Nagaeva

"depression tropicale" 2014
wood, metal, foam plant, natural and synthetic tropical plants, fogger and motors.
150  x 80 x 160 cm

 "knife just do it", "swouch" 2014   wood and metal   

"knife just do it", "swouch" 2014
wood and metal